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These pictures show Shawn at his best!
If you are offended by pictures of gorgeous semi nude men you may not want to view this page, or even though there is no actual naked pictures if you are under 16 it's probably best you don't look!
I however will spend hours on this page!!!!!!

Strip poker gone wrong!
Is he hiding another pack of cards in his boxers!
This is one of my favorite images
Mainly because you get to see that cute ass!
Erm, you've lost your trousers babe!
Do you think he likes to show off that backside? I of course won't complain!
Shall I hold that belt for you Shawn?
Anything to be of assistance.
These are taken from the Playgirl shoot he did.
I would love to know what he's thinking.
Very inviting if you ask me!
Awww look at those eyes.
I could stare at him all night. I love his tattoo.